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DateNom du congrèsLieuPersonne(s) participante(s)
Le 22/06/2012
Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams
Berkeley, USA
P. Ruby, JB. Eichenlaub
Le 01/05/2012
Conference on Mismatch Negativity (MMN) and its Clinical and Scientific Application
New York, USA
D. Morlet
Le 31/03/2012
Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
P. Ruby, JB Eichenlaub
Le 17/10/2009
Chicago (USA)
Bayle, Jerbi, Ossandon
Le 27/06/2009
10th International Neuropsychoanalysis Congress "NEUROPSYCHOANALYSIS: WHO NEEDS IT?"
Paris (France)
Le 18/06/2009
The 15th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping
San Francisco (USA)
Fonlupt, Lachaux, Dalal, Jerbi, Ossandon, Schmitz
Le 07/06/2009
Mind and Life Summer Research Institute
New-York, United States
Le 04/04/2009
MMN 09
Budapest (Hongrie)
Morlet, Giard
Le 21/03/2009
Cognitive Neuroscience Society
San Francisco (EU)
Ruby, Giard, Morlet, Bertrand, Bidet-Caulet, Eichenlaub
Le 07/01/2009
50th Anniversary of Paradoxical Sleep Discovery
Lyon (France)
Ruby, Eichenlaub, Morlet
Le 01/09/2008
Bodrum (Turquie)
Bertrand, Giard, Dalal, Eichenlaub, Besle, Morlet, Caclin, Ossandon
Le 25/08/2008
Sapporo (Japon)
Delpuech, Bayle, Jerbi
Le 25/07/2008
International neuropsychoanalysis congress
Montral (Canada)
Le 12/07/2008
Federation of european neuroscience societies
Genve (Suisse)
Ossandon, Dalal, Pirat
Le 08/07/2008
25th Annual conference of the international association for the study of Dreams
Montral (Canada)
Le 26/06/2008
Santorini (Grce)
Krolak, Henaff, Bayle
Le 15/06/2008
Human Brain Mapping
Melbourne (Australie)
Mattout, Fonlupt, Jerbi, Dalal
Le 12/04/2008
Cognitive Neuroscience Society
San Francisco (USA)
Weisz & Bidet-Caulet