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DateName of the congressPlacePeople attending
On 06.22.2012
Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams
Berkeley, USA
P. Ruby, JB. Eichenlaub
On 05.01.2012
Conference on Mismatch Negativity (MMN) and its Clinical and Scientific Application
New York, USA
D. Morlet
On 03.31.2012
Cognitive Neuroscience Society Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
P. Ruby, JB Eichenlaub
On 10.17.2009
Chicago (USA)
Bayle, Jerbi, Ossandon
On 06.27.2009
10th International Neuropsychoanalysis Congress "NEUROPSYCHOANALYSIS: WHO NEEDS IT?"
Paris (France)
On 06.18.2009
The 15th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping
San Francisco (USA)
Fonlupt, Lachaux, Dalal, Jerbi, Ossandon, Schmitz
On 06.07.2009
Mind and Life Summer Research Institute
New-York, United States
On 04.04.2009
MMN 09
Budapest (Hongrie)
Morlet, Giard
On 03.21.2009
Cognitive Neuroscience Society
San Francisco (EU)
Ruby, Giard, Morlet, Bertrand, Bidet-Caulet, Eichenlaub
On 01.07.2009
50th Anniversary of Paradoxical Sleep Discovery
Lyon (France)
Ruby, Eichenlaub, Morlet
On 09.01.2008
Bodrum (Turquie)
Bertrand, Giard, Dalal, Eichenlaub, Besle, Morlet, Caclin, Ossandon
On 08.25.2008
Sapporo (Japon)
Delpuech, Bayle, Jerbi
On 07.25.2008
International neuropsychoanalysis congress
Montréal (Canada)
On 07.12.2008
Federation of european neuroscience societies
Genève (Suisse)
Ossandon, Dalal, Pirat
On 07.08.2008
25th Annual conference of the international association for the study of Dreams
Montréal (Canada)
On 06.26.2008
Santorini (Grèce)
Krolak, Henaff, Bayle
On 06.15.2008
Human Brain Mapping
Melbourne (Australie)
Mattout, Fonlupt, Jerbi, Dalal
On 04.12.2008
Cognitive Neuroscience Society
San Francisco (USA)
Weisz & Bidet-Caulet