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Development of action representation during adolescence as assessed from anticipatory control in a bimanual load-lifting task
Barlaam F, Fortin C, Vaugoyeau M, Schmitz C, Assaiante C
, 221, pp 56-68, 2012 - P4
Timing of posterior parahippocampal gyrus activity reveals multiple scene processing stages.
Bastin J, Committeri G, Kahane P, Galati G, Minotti L, Lachaux JP, Berthoz A
Hum Brain Mapp
, 0, pp , 2012
Direct recordings in human cortex reveal the dynamics of gamma-band [50-150Hz] activity during pursuit eye movement control
Bastin J, Lebranchu P, Jerbi K, Kahane P, Orban G, Lachaux JP, Berthoz A
, 63(1), pp 339-47, 2012
Towards source volume estimation of interictal spikes in focal epilepsy using magnetoencephalography.
Bouet R, Jung J, Delpuech C, Ryvlin P, Isnard J, Guenot M, Bertrand O, Mauguière F.
, 0, pp , 2012 - P7
Perceptual alternations between unbound moving contours and a bound shape motion engage a ventral/dorsal interplay
Caclin A, Paradis AL, Lamirel C, Thirion B, Artiges E, Poline JB, Lorenceau J
Journal of Vision
, 12(7), pp 11, 2012 - P3
What is the specificity of the response to the own first-name when presented as a novel in a passive oddball paradigm? An ERP study
Eichenlaub JB, Ruby P, Morlet D.
Brain Research
, 1447, pp 65-78, 2012 - P5 - P6
Reading the mind's eye: Online detection of visuo-spatial working memory and visual imagery in the inferior temporal lobe.
Hamamé CM, Vidal JR, Ossandón T, Jerbi K, Dalal SS, Minotti L, Bertrand O, Kahane P, Lachaux JP.
, 59(1), pp 872-9, 2012
High-frequency neural activity and human cognition: Past, present and possible future of intracranial EEG research.
Lachaux JP, Axmacher N, Mormann F, Halgren E, Crone NE
Prog Neurobiol.
, 98(3), pp 279-301., 2012
BCI could make old two-player games even more fun: a proof of concept with Connect Four
Maby E, Perrin M, Bertrand O, Sanchez G, and Mattout J
Advances in Human-Computer Interaction
, 2012, pp 124728, 2012 - P8
Large-scale heterogeneous representation of sound attributes in rat primary auditory cortex: from unit activity to population dynamics.
Ogawa T, Riera J, Goto T, Sumiyoshi A, Nonaka H, Jerbi K, Bertrand O, Kawashima R.
Journal of Neuroscience
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Efficient "Pop-Out" Visual Search Elicits Sustained Broadband Gamma Activity in the Dorsal Attention Network.
Ossandón T, Vidal JR, Ciumas C, Jerbi K, Hamamé CM, Dalal SS, Bertrand O, Minotti L, Kahane P, Lachaux JP.
Journal of Neuroscience
, 32(10), pp 3414-3421., 2012
Influence of emotional content and context on memory in mild Alzheimer’s disease
Perrin M, Henaff MA, Padovan C, Faillenot I, Merville A, Krolak-Salmon P
Journal of Alzheimer Desease
, 29(4), pp 817-26., 2012 - P4
Objective and subjective evaluation of online error correction during P300-based spelling
Perrin M, Maby E, Daligault S, Bertrand O, and Mattout J
Advances in Human-Computer Interaction
, 0(2012), pp 578295, 2012 - P8
The French Version of the Autism-Spectrum Quotient in Adolescents: A Cross-Cultural Validation Study
Sonié S, Kassai B, Pirat E, Bain P, Robinson J, Gomot M, Barthélémy C, Charvet D, Rochet T, Tatou M, Assouline B, Cabrol S, Chabane N, Arnaud V, Faure P, Manificat S
J Autism Dev Disord
, 27, pp , 2012 - P4
Long-distance amplitude correlations in the high gamma-band reveal segregation and integration within the reading network.
Vidal J, Freyermuth S, Jerbi K, Hamamé C, Ossandon T, Bertrand O, Minotti L, Kahane P, Berthoz A, and Lachaux JP,
Journal of Neuroscience
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Recording and analysis techniques for high-frequency oscillations
Worrell GA, Jerbi K, Kobayashi K, Lina JM, Zelmann R, Le Van Quyen M.
Progress in Neurobiology
, 98(3), pp 265-78, 2012