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P1 - Méthodologies pour la neuroimagerie et l'électrophysiologie


Collaborations extérieures

Collaborations extrieures


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Our team uses all possible electrophysiological techniques to investigate human brain functions at work: EEG, MEG and iEEG. Over the years, we have constantly been developing in-house advanced software for both off-line and online data processing (ELAN, OpenViBE, BrainTV) and we also maintain an expertise in the main complementary tools that are used by the international community (e.g., SPM, FieldTrip, BrainStorm, EEGLab).

Elan for example is a freely available software package (Aguera et al. 2011 in press) which provides a wide range of signal analysis tools for electrophysiological data including scalp electroencephalograpy (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), intracranial EEG, and local field potentials (LFPs). The ELAN toolbox is based on 25 years of methodological developments in the lab and was used in many papers including the very first studies of time-frequency analysis of EEG data exploring evoked and induced oscillatory activities in humans.

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