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P3 - Perception, Attention, Impairments, and Rehabilitation


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Research Theme

We are interested in the following general questions:

Perception and attention in healthy subjects

Here we are mostly interested in auditory perception and attention, as well as in audiovisual interactions.

In recent years, regarding auditory perception, we have studied the cerebral mechanisms of auditory scene analysis, in particular those involving moving stimuli (artificial noises, Bidet-Caulet and Bertrand, 2005; human footsteps, Bidet-Caulet et al., 2005) and the segregation of concurrent auditory streams (Bidet-Caulet et al., 2007, see following figure). We have also studied the perception of the timbre of sound sources (Caclin et al., 2006, 2007, 2008).

Regarding auditory attention, we have been interested in:

We have also started to analyse the neurophysiological substrates of inter-individual variability in perceptual performance (Foxton et al., 2009), and how this inter-individual variability influence multisensory interactions (Caclin et al., 2011).

Current projects aim at:

Perception and attention in perceptual, neurological, and psychiatric disorders

We have recently studied :

Current projects aim at :

Perceptual training and rehabilitation

We are interested in how different cortical levels of perceptual processing (auditory or visual) can be affected by intensive perceptual training, and how such training can impact on attentional capacities. MEG studies could inform about neurophysiological foundations for rehabilitation strategies in perceptual and attentional deficits.

Publications since 2016