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P4 - Social Cognition


External collaborations

External Collaborations


Key words

Research activity:

Cognitive processes involved in social interactions and their cerebral correlates

Social cognition concerns cognitive abilities involved in social interactions. Such interactions require an elaborate information processing allowing the emergence of a representation and a consciousness of the self, a representation of others and of their perspectives (i.e. others’ perceptions, emotions and thoughts). It also implies prediction of the behavior of the self as well as of others, and recognition of social relevant information present in our environment. The goal of this project is to better understand the cognitive processes involved in these different abilities and to disclose their cerebral correlates.


  • Different social interaction vectors

Facial expression

Mutual gaze

Perspective taking

Learning in a social context

Hierarchical position

Body movement

  • In different populations

Young and aged healthy persons

Mild Alzheimer desease patients

Autism spectrum disorders

Schizophrenic patients

  • Through different approaches

Behavioral measures

fMRI, connectivity

Scalp EEG, MEG


Publications since 2016