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P7 - Physiological and pathological brain networks in epilepsy


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We know that mental processes involve networks of neural structures distributed in the brain and interacting dynamically. An influential working hypothesis, proposed about fifteen years ago, suggests that oscillatory activities within these networks, and interactions (by synchronization/de-synchronization) between regions, could constitute one of the neurophysiological substrate of the brain dynamics. This hypothesis has been partially supported by experimental reports in animal and human obtained at different recording levels (unit activity, local field potential, intracranial and surface EEG, MEG). For the last 10 years, our laboratory has largely contributed to this field of research, with pioneering works in humans on beta/gama oscillations (>20Hz) induced by different experimental situations (sensory integration and feature binding, attention, memory). In this project, transversal across the laboratory by nature, and interacting with other external research teams, we will improve our understanding of the origin and the functional role of oscillations from different complementary perspectives:

This project stands at the junction of cognitive questions, methodological innovations, and clinical issues. It aims at providing a more refined and comprehensive view of the brain oscillatory activities.

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